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Who are we?

Truthpedia is a collaborative effort of like-minded people who seek the answers to questions that had been in the thought works of human intellect from time immemorial. The questions that had occupied the minds of cream of the human race. The questions that would lead to the salvation of mankind saving them from myriads of illusory carnal cravings. The question that will lead to truth from ignorance. In nutshell, our goal is what the Upanishads of Vedic fame implores us …More!
”||सत्यमेव जयते नानृतं सत्येन पन्था विततो देवयानः|”
”येना क्रमन्ति ऋषयो हियाप्तकामा यत्र तत् सत्यस्य परमं निधानम्|| ‘
Truth alone triumphs; not falsehood. Through Absolute Truth, the divine path is spread out by which the sages whose desires have been completely fulfilled, reach where that supreme treasure of Truth resides. – ”Mundaka Upanishad 3.1.6”

The Website

While we are an active group organising seminars and workshops and distributing literature all over the world. We also have a web presence in the form of this website.

Info Organisation

The Wiki is the refined repository of information. The ABTN has a blog, a forum and a wiki for organising information. The Forums features an FAQ on Vedic ontology and lively philosophical discussions. The Article base is little more refined it features articles which may relevant news and views within the scope of scope. And this wiki is meant to have refined established, authentic information on the grade of the Wikipedia encyclopedia.


  • Article Base  Tattvaprakashika.

    • News, views and articles within the scope(see below).
    • Refined, Reviewed articles properly categorized and tagged.
  • A Forum engine Tattvavicharana.

    • assorted topics which can be inconclusive but within the scope.
    • Topics that need to be developed into a full-fledged article.
  • A wiki engine Tattvakosha.

    • Primarily serves as a lexicon for Article and Forums.
    • Can take draft articles but eventually needs to be developed into wikipedia class articles.
  • A Groups for sending Newsletter.

Scope of Interest

The following are the broad categories under which information is organized.

  • Contemproary Issues are recent news and views that are in ABTN scope of interest.
  • Science Insights are articles on Interesting scientific facts, Anamolies in Science and fall out of scientific overtures.
  • Vedic Paradigm are articles related theology of Vedic tradition and its practice.
  • Inter Religious are articles on Interfaith connections, dialogues and comparisons.
  • Vedic Science are articles on Scientific Knowledge from the Vedic literature.

The articles are further categorized by tags. You may browse the articles under specific categories from the side column. On this Infobase articles are posted under different categories. As you click on each category on the menu, you will be led to the postings in that category.


You are invited to read the posts, post comments and rate the posts. You may also ask questions pertaining to Absolute Truth at Forums or look at our Encyclopedia. And if you are a truth seeker yourself  register as an editor to Truthpedia. Also, consider inviting your friends who will be interested to embark on this journey with us.


Registration is required only for those who would like to edit and contribute. If you would like to contribute occasionally you can send an article through the groups to an editor.


If you think this site is doing a valuable service. Please consider helping editorially or donate.

॥ ॐ तत् सत् ॥


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