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Discover Yourself Course


  1. Graded Courses on Bhagavad Gita and Vedic
    Theology with emphasis on logical and scientific understanding of the
    self (Ksetrajna) and the field of activities (Kshetra).
  2. Emphasis on Discovery Understanding and Application
  3. Course conducted on Sundays. Details provided on sign up.
  4. A completely free course. You are only
    requested to donate for the textbook (Bhagavad Gita $10) and yoga aids
    (meditation kits $15).

Student Profile

  1. Beginner to Advanced familiarity with Hindu philosophy is
    encouraged. For the newbies don’t worry there is a basic refresher
    course is provided.

Sign Up Details

  1. One time course Fee is $25. Which covers for
    course material (Bhagavad Gita, PDF Handouts and other materials).
  2. First Register then go to Courses and sign up for the course.
  3. Make Payment with Paypal or other payment methods (Google Pay/ Apple Pay/CashMe/Zelle supported). Note even if you don’t want the materials you can leave a voluntary donation.
  4. After payment please fill the below form with all your details namely NAME, EMAIL, PHONE, ADDRESS (where materials need to be sent)
    and finally PAYMENT DETAILS (or request for WAIVER if you already have the materials).
  5. Our team will tally all the details and approve you for the course. After that, you can access the materials and session details to log in.
  6. All proceeds go towards supporting cow protection and funding our outreach programs.
  7. Course material is shared on per class basis. Books will be shipped only on sign up and cleared payment.




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