Redefining the perception of Life and Reality

Simplicity for a Better Tomorrow

Outline [hide] 1 Introduction 2 Lifestyles of the Rich, Famous and Simple 3 Pitfalls of Over Indulgence in Luxuries 4 The restless nature of the mind 5 Lifestyle Alternatives for a peaceful mind 6 The Vedic Observer Introduction ∞   Think of some rich and…

Sky Rocketing Food Prices – Why?

Sky Rocketing Food Prices ∞ Introduction ∞ High Food Prices – A phenomenon that impacts our everyday lives significantly, by eating away into our monthly budgets. We frequently get a taste of this, when we have our regular squabbles with the neighbourhood vegetable vendor over…

The scourge of consumptive culture

Outline [hide] 1 Introduction 2 From Luxuries to Necessities 3 Not Much Happier 4 How consumerism affects society and the Environment 5 Vedic Observer 6 References Introduction ∞ Americans and Western Europeans have had a lock on unsustainable over-consumption for decades. But now developing countries…


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