Redefining the perception of Life and Reality

Purusarthas – Human Desirables

Outline [hide] 1 The Four Purusarthas 2 Are Purusarthas sequential? 3 Panchama Purusartha The Purusharthas are the inherent values and goals to be pursued in human life. of the Universe: Artha (economic values), Kama (pleasure), Dharma (righteousness), and Moksha (liberation). The Purusharthas are the blueprint for human fulfilment. Working with them helps you create a…

The dangers of Promiscuity

toc] Introduction ∞ The hedonistic[unknown prefix: wikipedia] ideology of “Don’t worry just enjoy” coupled with the artificial hype and eulogization of culture based on unrestricted sensuous indulgence has resulted in the widespread promiscuity which is destroying the very fabric of cultured life and is the…


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